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Head Porting service
We specialize in RotoCast heads found on Lamborghini Audi, & VW

Metal Fabrication:
Need custom parts to complete your tuning project? We now offer complete design, prototyping and manufacturing services: Including Complete Tubular Chassis, Induction Systems and Armor Plating.

Private Industry and Government Organizations:
Contact sales@motodyne for information on full armored conversions for high security Mercedes and Audi Models.

Nitrous Oxide Systems:
MotoDyne has perfected the Stage II Nitrous Oxide system, now we can provide you with the extra power of a nitrous system without sacrificing your engine's longevity and reliability. Stage III upgrades are also available upon request.

Cryogenic Preparation:
MotoDyne has done extensive research, and can now bring you the best in cryogenically prepared metals. Driveline components prepared by our processes have lasted three times longer than untreated metals. By cryogenically preparing your metals we can reduce ware and increase part longevity.

ECM Repair:
MotoDyne has an extensive inventory in both new and used German Electric Control Modules. Send us your damaged ECM today for repair or replacement. We also offer an ECM loaning service while we repair/replace yours, to alleviate down time.

For more information regarding MotoDyne's Services please contact our Technical Staff.

MotoDyne Performance Technologies LLC
Phone: 856-470-6067
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